The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service | Introduction

The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service is the application of Microsoft’s PlayReady platform - deployed for Smooth
Streaming content delivered via Microsoft’s IIS7 web platform. The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service provides KeyOS Customers the ability to deploy HTTP delivered HD content in a variety of bit-rates to the PC and Intel-based Mac computing platforms.
BuyDRM Launches KeyOS Smooth DRM Service for Smooth Streaming

The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service | Features

  • Powered by Microsoft's PlayReady Content Access Protection Technology
  • Supports Live and On-Demand Encryption of Fragmented MPG4 Content AAC and H.264
  • Compatible with Silverlight 2.0+ on both the PC and Intel-based Mac and PlayReady Clients
  • Supports All Major Browsers Including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome
  • Ready-To-Deploy Silverlight Players Available with All Popular Features
  • NEW: PIFF Support for DECE/Ultraviolet Storefronts
KeyOS Smooth DRM Product Sheet

For PCs and Intel-Macs, Streams, Downloads, Online and Offline.

Smooth DRM is compatible with modern Windows PCs and Intel-based Macs via most major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape and Opera.